Established in 1995, BAFO cc Ltd has grown to become one of Finland’s internationally known construction companies in the Eastern construction markets. The working experience obtained over decades of more than one hundred construction and housing projects has teamed our specialists to offer engineering know-how to clients seeking reliability and flexibility in construction. BAFO’s expertise covers all type of construction services to provide engineering, heavy concrete and building works, HEPAC –works, construction management and design-build services to public and private clients both in Finland and abroad.

Moreover, for works of HEPAC, housing installations, cooling and refrigeration systems, especially for  Ice Rink Arenas and Water Supply Plants with the subsidiary BAFO has succeeded in developing and adopting new technologies to improve the efficiency of the construction process and the equipment in operation, especially in Eastern and Asian Countries.

Cooperation with local and western partners and in-depth knowledge of local conditions have been the key to successful completion of construction projects in eastern markets, in Russia, Kazahstan, Belarus, Ukraine and Vietnam implemented by BAFO cc Ltd.

Furthermore BAFO’s daughter company ”DOSFIL” has developed new technologies for water supply arrangements in order to solve drinking water problems in difficult conditions and furthermore to arrange water treatment systems and plant technologies in developing countries. DOSFIL company takes care of maintenance in providing good water processes for many customers of swimming halls, industry and cities in Finland.

For domestic markets BAFO performs activities in building works from property investment projects to premium quality town houses. In these projects mechanical works install BAFO Talotekniikka. BAFO has daughter companies in Vietnam, Hanoi and in Russia, St.Petersburg having all legal licences to conduct design and construction works in those countries.

New technologies for Automatic Car Parking Systems (APS) Bafo has innovated in Partnership with ”SKYLINE PARKING AG” for international markets to solve all kinds of problems in construction methods in diffucult city conditions.

BAFO cc Ltd is the major partner of BAFO Group Company for constraction works to lead especially design and installation works for Winter Sports projects in Eastern and Asian market. BAFO Group has been established in 2018.